Alcohol, KY 502-564-4850 Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dept. of Public Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet 

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms  Questions and answers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives official site

Car Dealer License 502-573-1000 KY Motor Vehicle Commission 

Charitable Gaming 502-573-5528 Office of Charitable Gaming, Dept. of Public Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet 

Corporations in Kentucky 502-564-2848 Secretary of State, Business Services 

Food Products 502-564-7181 Food Safety Branch, Dept. for Public Health, Cabinet for Health and Family Services 

Kentucky Sales Tax 502-564-5170 Dept. of Revenue, Finance and Administrative Cabinet 

Kentucky Tax Alerts 502-564-4581 Dept. of Revenue, Publications 

Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup 502-564-6716 Divison of Waste Management, Dept. for Environmental Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet

Mobile / Manufactured Homes, Fireworks 502-573-0382 Division of Fire Prevention, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Dept.of Public Protection, Environmental and Protection Cabinet

Motor Vehicle Usage Tax 502-564-4455 KY Dept. of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Section or the local County Clerk 

Nursery Stock 859-257-5838 State Entomologist

Protected Wildlife, Raw Fur, or Processed Wildlife 800-858-1549 KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 

Real Estate 502-564-7760 KY Real Estate Commission 

Kentucky Auctioneers Association 270-551-2113 Kentucky professional association

National Auctioneers Association 913-541-8084 National professional association