Alcohol, KY 502-564-4850 Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dept. of Public Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet 

Car Dealer License 502-573-1000 KY Motor Vehicle Commission 

Charitable Gaming 502-573-5528 Office of Charitable Gaming, Dept. of Public Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet 

Corporations in Kentucky 502-564-2848 Secretary of State, Business Services 

Food Products 502-564-7181 Food Safety Branch, Dept. for Public Health, Cabinet for Health and Family Services 

Kentucky Sales Tax 502-564-5170 Dept. of Revenue, Finance and Administrative Cabinet 

Kentucky Tax Alerts 502-564-4581 Dept. of Revenue, Publications 

Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup 502-564-6716 Divison of Waste Management, Dept. for Environmental Protection, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet

Mobile / Manufactured Homes, Fireworks 502-573-0382 Division of Fire Prevention, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Dept.of Public Protection, Environmental and Protection Cabinet

Motor Vehicle Usage Tax 502-564-4455 KY Dept. of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Section or the local County Clerk 

Nursery Stock 859-257-5838 State Entomologist

Protected Wildlife, Raw Fur, or Processed Wildlife 800-858-1549 KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 

Real Estate 502-564-7760 KY Real Estate Commission 

Kentucky Auctioneers Association 270-551-2113 Kentucky professional association

National Auctioneers Association 913-541-8084 National professional association