A Kentucky licensee interested in obtaining a license in a reciprocal state should contact that state. The state may require a Letter of Good Standing or a license certification of a Kentucky licensee to complete their application process.

An auctioneer, licensed in another state, who wishes to apply for license in Kentucky by reciprocity must meet the following requirements:

  • 1) Licensed as an auctioneer for at least one (1) year in a reciprocal state.
  • 2) A "Letter of Good Standing" or License Certification submitted with the application and fee. Current through 12/31/20, the reciprocal initial license fee is $155, unless otherwise noted beside the state listed below. This includes $30 to the Recovery Fund.
  • 3) A FBI background report that is less than sixty (60) days old. (see information below)

The Board does not issue licenses for firms or companies. The licensee provides one business address. The license is printed and mailed to a licensee's business address. All other correspondence from the Board is addressed to the licensee's home/mailing address. Licenses expire each year on June 30th.


The Kentucky Board of Auctioneers has reciprocal agreements with the following 16 states.



FBI Report

Individuals planning to apply for a Kentucky auctioneer license must request a copy of their identification record (FBI Background report) prior to applying for an initial license or reactivating a license from escrow status.
The first step is to go to your local law enforcement agency and have your fingerprints taken.
Next you will need to go to the FBI website (listed below) and follow the instructions to submit your fingerprint card.
Contact the FBI office for additional assistance at 304-625-5590.
Once you receive the report, you will submit that with your completed license application and any other required documents.
To obtain an FBI report:
Report mailed to you                                    
Avg. Processing Time: One week  

Fingerprint cards can be obtained from the following sources:

Board of Auctioneers, 656 Chamberlin Ave, Suite B, Frankfort, KY 40601 (During Business Hours)
We strongly recommend that you obtain your fingerprints at a local law enforcement agency (police station, sheriff's office, etc.) Note: The Kentucky State Police charge $10 for fingerprinting.

Report information:
All FBI reports expire 90 days after the report date of issuance.
The Board of Auctioneers cannot issue a license without a valid FBI report.
You have 45 days to apply for your license after successfully passing the exam.​