License Renewal

All active and escrowed licenses expire June 30th. Licensees will receive notifications when the renewal system is open. The online renewal system is the preferred method of license renewal; however, licensees may download a paper renewal form from the "Forms" tab. The renewal form and associated fees are due in the Board office on or before June 30. The June 30 deadline is governed by statute, and is not subject to waiver. A completed renewal form and fee is processed if the required continuing education (CE) is earned by May 31 of the current year or the licensee is exempt from reporting CE. Education completion must be reported to the Board prior to attempting to renew a license. If a renewal is not received or CE is not complete, the license is canceled on July 1st and the individual may not perform services as an auctioneer or auction house operator.

If the CE is not complete by May 31, the licensee may renew his/her license by submitting the renewal fee and a CE penalty fee of $300. The CE reporting requirement will be doubled for the next renewal.

Late fees will apply July 1 through December 31.

Since the Kentucky Board of Auctioneers recognizes the CE requirement of the home jurisdiction of a reciprocal auctioneer, he/she shall submit the renewal form, fee and copy of his/her home-jurisdiction license. The Board determined that submission of a Letter of Good Standing with renewal is not required. If the home jurisdiction does not require CE, the Kentucky reciprocal licensee must also meet Kentucky's continuing education requirement by earning six hours of continuing education from June 1 of the previous year through May 31 of the current year, and sending the completion document to KBA.

If the license has not been renewed and proof of applicable CE has not been submitted to the Board on or before December 31, the license is cancelled.

In order to reactivate a license, an individual will be required to pass the examination for licensure ($125), pay the license fee ($125) and recovery fund fee ($30) and submit an FBI background report that is less than 60 days old.   An individual's previous exemption status of reporting CE is voided.

To renew by mail with a check or money order, print the renewal form located on the "Forms" page and mail with the required fees.


License Renewal System