The Kentucky Board of Auctioneers has relocated to Frankfort, Ky. The move requires all forms and applications to be updated with the new address. While this process continues, please remember to send all correspondence to:

Kentucky Board of Auctioneers
656 Chamberlin Avenue, Suite B
Frankfort, KY 40601 

Your patience is appreciated. 

Applications and Forms

Exam Applications:

Auctioneer Application

Auction House Operator Application 


Education Provider Applications:

Continuing Education Class

Auction Core Class

80 Hour Pre-license Course


Initial License Issuance:

 Auctioneer initial license form.pdf

 Auction House Operator initial license form.pdf


License Activation from Escrow: 

Auctioneer reactivation from escrow.pdf 

Auction House Operator reactivation from escrow.pdf 


License Applications:

Reciprocal License


Miscellaneous Forms:

Consumer Complaint Form 


 Open records request form.pdf

Proof of Claim.pdf


Renewal Form:

Late Renewal Form 2018.pdf