Examinations for Principal Auctioneer, Apprentice Auctioneer, Livestock Auctioneer and Auction House Operator

The examinations are designed to protect the public by ensuring a minimum level of competence for licensees. It is impossible for the examination to cover all possible types and kinds of auctions a licensee might encounter. Instead, the examination attempts to cover auction law, general auction practice, professional ethics, terminology, mathematics, sales tax, plus common areas and auction types most likely to be encountered by the majority of today's auctioneers and auction house operators.

The exams are held in the Board office.  Applicants are required to submit a completed application to the Board office at least one week prior to the desired test date in order to be scheduled. You will receive a confirmation notice through the mail or email with the date and time.

The link to the applications for the apprentice, principal, auction house operator and limited livestock examination and the study guide are available on this page . A study guide is included to assist the applicant with their study and preparations for examination by providing basic information and areas for study. The final responsibility for the complete study and proper preparation for the examination rests with the applicant and may require other sources.

Effective July 1, 2015, an applicant for an apprentice auctioneer license or an auction house operator's license shall have successfully completed at least twelve (12) hours of approved classroom instruction, consisting of the core course and six (6) additional hours as prescribed by the board, from a board-approved auction education provider.(KRS 330.060 1 d). The auction courses required are 1. Kentucky Core Course (6 hours) and 2. Kentucky Auction Basics Course (6 hours).

Effective June 24, 2015, an apprentice auctioneer applying for an auctioneer license shall serve a minimum of one (1) year apprenticeship, submit a statement signed by the principal auctioneer verifying active and material participation in at lease ten (10) auctions prior to application and successfully complete at least eighty (80) hours of approved classroom instruction from a board-approved auction education provider. If licensed before June 30, 2010 or after July 1, 2015, shall be required to successfully complete the auctioneer examination.(KRS 330.070 1, 2)

Please make sure you have all the required documents when submitting your application, incomplete applications will be returned.

The following must be received in the Board office at least one week prior to the exam date requested on the application:

  • Completed application including a 2x2 inch photo, signature, notary certification
  • All required education completion certificates
  • Exam fee of $125.00

The Kentucky Board of Auctioneers has approved the eighty (80) hour auction education curriculum from the following schools


The Kentucky Board of Auctioneers has approved the pre-license education curriculum from the following schools


Exam Fee is $1​25



Exam Study Guide

Exam Checklist.pdf

2020 Exam Dates ​​

  • February 12th
  • March 25th  -  cancelled due to the COVID-19
  • May 20th
  • June 17th
  • August 19th
  • September 16th
  • October 21st
  • November 19th
  • December 16th


*Exam dates may change based on availability. Please check to verify before applying.

Exam Pass List