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KY Board of Auctioneers

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Examinations for Principal Auctioneer, Apprentice Auctioneer, Livestock Auctioneer and Auction House Operator

The examinations are designed to protect the public by ensuring a minimum level of competence for licensees. It is impossible for the examination to cover all possible types and kinds of auctions a licensee might encounter. Instead, the examination attempts to cover auction law, general auction practice, professional ethics, terminology, mathematics, sales tax, plus common areas and auction types most likely to be encountered by the majority of today's auctioneers and auction house operators.

The Board will begin offering monthly examinations in the Board office starting January 2012. There will be morning and afternoon appointments each test day if necessary. There is space available for 20 applicants each day on a first come first serve basis. Applicants are required to submit a completed application to the Board office prior to the desired test date in order to be scheduled. You will receive a confirmation notice thru the mail. The morning spaces will be filled first. The morning exam will be 9:00-12:00 the afternoon exam will be 1:00-4:00 eastern time.

The apprentice, principal and auction house applications and the study guide are available below. A study guide is included to assist the applicant with their study and preparations for examination by providing basic information and areas for study. The final responsibility for the complete study and proper preparation for the examination rests with the applicant and may require other sources.

Effective July 1, 2010, an applicant for an apprentice auctioneer license shall have successfully completed at least eighty (80) hours of approved classroom instruction from a board-approved auction education provider.(KRS 330.060 1 C)

The Kentucky Board of Auctioneers has approved the eighty (80) hour auction education curriculum from the following schools:

  1) Kentucky Auction Academy - Bowling Green, KY 270-780-9513  Kentucky Auction Academy
  2) World Wide College of Auctioneering - Mason City, IA 800-423-5242  World Wide College of Auctioneering
  3) Ohio Auction School - Groveport, OH 800-947-9118  Ohio Auction School
  4) The Indiana College of Auctioneers - Scipio, IN 812-392-2072  Indiana College of Auctioneers
  5) Nashville Auction School - Tullahoma, TN 800-543-7061  Florida Auction Academy
  7) Missouri Auction School - Kansas City, MO 800-835-1955  Missouri Auction School
  8) Reppert School Of Auctioneering - Indianapolis, IN 317-300-1075  Reppert School of Auctioneering
  9) A-Pass-Weikel Institute - Louisville, KY 502-456-1920, Lexington, KY 859-278-0581  A-Pass-Weikel Institute
10) Texas Auction Academy - Dallas, TX 972-387-4200  Texas Auction Academy
11) Southeastern School of Auctioneering - Pelzer, SC 864-947-2000  Southeastern School of Auctioneering

The 2014 examination dates:
   January 15 January 2014 Exam Pass List
   February 19 February 2014 Exam Pass List
   March 19 March 2014 Exam Pass List
   April 16 April 2014 Exam Pass List
   May 21 May 2014 Exam Pass List
   June 18 June 2014 Exam Pass List
   July 16 July 2014 Exam Pass List
   August 20 August 2014 Exam Pass List
   September 11 September 2014 Exam Pass List
   October 9 October 2014 Exam Pass List
   November 19 November 2014 Exam Pass List
   December 11 December 2014 Exam Pass List

The completed application, a passport size photo and fee must be submitted to our office at least 1 week before the examination date.

Exam Fees:
$125 for the Auctioneer Examination
$125 for the Auction House Operator Examination
$125 for the Livestock Auctioneer Examination

Exam Study Guide
Auctioneer Application
Auction House Operator Application

*Call the Board office for the Limited Livestock auctioneer exam application.

The applications are in PDF, viewed with Adobe's freeware Acrobat Reader. See Resources link below for more information about PDF.
Applicant may type most information on the form. Then send to your printer; complete by pen as instructed, and mail with other application materials to the Kentucky Board of Auctioneers.

Updated: 10/2014